Moving the movable!



Dania Transport Ltd. (hereinafter: the “Carrier”) transports consignments door to door on specified routes.. The Carrier’s regular route is Denmark to Hungary and back.

This service is available in each case under a contract signed with the customer party (hereinafter: the “Client”).

The rights and obligations of the contracting parties not regulated by the general engagement contract are provided for in the present Dania Transport.

1. Consignments

1.1. Ordering

The Client may order services through the website . The Carrier confirms the order by email. By completing our Booking Form the Client commits to a lawful relationship between the Client and the Carrier. An order up to 30 kg can be cancelled at least 72 hours before the agreed date, larger orders cannot be cancelled in the 7 days prior the agreed delivery date, and half-van, full-van moves cannot be cancelled in the 14 days prior the date, otherwise client will loose the advance payment (50%).

1.2 Picking Up of Consignments

The consignment shall be picked up at the address given by the Client at the time arranged by the parties in advance.

1.3. Contents of Dispatched Consignments

Any documents, goods and objects which are not excluded from the range of eligible consignments.

1.4 Objects Excluded from Services

  • Narcotics

  • Currency or other financial instruments

  • Checks or convertible bonds of any kind

  • Pornographic or any other kinds of prohibited printed matter, photos or artwork

  • Explosives

  • Hazardous materials and goods

  • Any kind of material qualified by any administrative body or other organization with jurisdiction over transportation activities as being risky, hazardous or prohibited material, or qualified as a consignment acceptable under special restrictions only;

Or items the Carrier has classified as non-transportable items at its own discretion out of safety considerations or in line with the current legislation.

The Sender agrees that consignments listed above will not be handed over for transportation.

1.5. Dimensions of Acceptable Consignments

The maximum size of the goods is as follows: Height: 1.9m, Length: 4.0m, Width: 1.7m.

1.6. Weight of Acceptable Consignments

Each consignment may weigh up to 40.0kg. In case of special requirements but subject to a special agreement – e.g. in case of removals – heavier consignments can also be dispatched.

1.7. Volumetric Weight

In case of consignment of low density – e.g. fluff, foam, etc. – where the relative density of the consignment highly deviates from the usual, the Carrier reserves the right to apply pricing on the basis of volumetric weight. Calculation of volumetric weight: The volume of the consignment in cubic cm divided by 6,000. The Carrier shall indicate separately in the order whether this method of calculation is being applied.

1.8. Packaging

The packaging must prevent the contents of the consignment from being crushed and the impacts caused by other handling movements which might cause damage. The packaging must ensure protection of the contents as they should not be accessible without causing visible damage to the packaging.

1.9. Address on the Consignment

The address must be written on the consignment visibly, legibly and indelibly.

Consignments may not be addressed to P. O. Boxes.

1.10 Charges for Particularly Valuable Consignments

In case of consignment with value higher than EUR 4,000 the Carrier shall only accept parcels for a special price and only value-insured.

1.11. Inspection

In view of the security of transportation, Dania Transport is entitled to inspect the contents of the consignment in the presence of the Sender.

2. Obligations of the Sender

2.1 The Sender shall ensure the validity, accuracy and authenticity of all information that the Carrier is provided with.

2.2 In this case, the Carrier shall confirm that the contents of the consignment match the contents indicated on the waybill.

2.3 The marking, address and packaging of the consignment shall be appropriate in order to ensure safe transportation apart from the due care exercised during handling.

2.4 The Sender shall ensure that the contents of the consignment will not violate the export or import regulations of the European Union as well as other relevant rules of law and provisions.

2.5 The Sender shall indicate the value of the consignment in the proper cell of the waybill in addition to indicating the value insurance taken out, if applicable.

2.6 The waybill shall be signed by the Sender thus accepting the provisions of the present GTC.

3. Performance

3.1 The Carrier acknowledges the receipt of the consignment by signing the waybill and issuing a receipt against the payment of shipping costs.

3.2 The Carrier shall deliver the consignment safely and intact to the given destination address or at least to attempt to hand it over to the addressee.

3.3. The Carrier may refuse to accept the consignment if its packaging cannot prevent its content from being damaged, the consignment does not meet the requirements provided by this GTC, or the consignment’s content is declared to be a risky, hazardous or prohibited material or subject to conditional acceptance by any administrative body or other organization competent in decide on transportation matters.

3.4 Delivery

Consignments shall be delivered to the address given by the Sender.

3.5 Undeliverable Consignments

If the consignment proves to be undeliverable (particularly in the following cases: The addressee refuses to accept it, the addressee in not identifiable or cannot be found), the Carrier shall take reasonable measures to return the consignment to the sender at the sender’s expense.

If such a return should fail, the Carrier is entitled to dispose of the consignment freely or sell it. In this case the Carrier shall have no liability vis-a-vis the Sender or any third party. The Carrier is entitled to recoup his costs from the proceeds while any remaining amount shall be returned to the Sender.

4. Liability

4.1 The Carrier shall bear financial responsibility for the safety and intactness of the consignment accepted up to its delivery to the Addressee. The Recipient shall acknowledge delivery by signing the Waybill.

4.2 The Service Provider shall be liable for damages proportionately in case of loss of the consignment or deficiency or loss of value of its content up to the value indicated on the Waybill.

4.3 The Carrier shall make all reasonable effort to deliver the consignment by the indicative deadline. Unless legislation provides otherwise, the Carrier shall not be liable for damage or loss arising from delay.

4. 4. The Carrier shall not be liable for damages, if such damage is:

  • Due to circumstances outside Dania Transport’s control;

  • Due to the inherent properties of the consignment; or

  • Due to a deficiency imperceptible from the outside of the package; or

  • If the Sender or the Recipient fails to act in accordance with reasonable expectations; or

  • If the Sender fails to inform the Carrier about the extraordinary value of the consignment imperceptible without opening it.

4.5 The Carrier shall not liable for any damage of the consignment due to circumstances outside his control.

Such external causes can be, for example:

  • Force Majeure (e.g., earthquake, cyclone, storm, flood, fog, etc.);

  • Other inevitable external cause (e.g., war, disaster, accident, embargo, unrest, demonstration, strike, rebellion, etc.);

  • Any defect or deficiency due to the nature of the consignment, even in case the Carrier was aware of it at the time of accepting the consignment;

  • Acts or omissions on the part of a party beyond the range of the Carrier, e.g., the Sender of the consignment, the Addressee or a third party, or representatives of the customs or other administrative bodies;

  • The destruction or damage of consignments stored on electronic media or photographic information, images or data due to magnetic or electronic impacts;

4.6. Unless legislation provides otherwise, the Carrier shall not be liable for other damages, expenses or losses (including particularly lost profit, income, interest or lost future business opportunities), irrespective of the fact that such loss or damage might be unique and indirect, even though the Carrier's attention was drawn to the potential hazard before or after picking up the consignment, as the Sender can take out value insurance since in case a special risk of damage is involved.

5. Rate and Assertion of Compensation

5.1. The liability of the Carrier is limited to the actual financial value of the consignment or to the maximum value of the goods. Only one claim may be asserted for each consignment.

5.2. In the framework of basic service, the amount of compensation in the event of the damage, deficiency, loss or destruction of any content of a consignment dispatched without a value insurance surcharge shall be the value indicated on the waybill, but not exceeding EUR 100 in each case.

In case of loss or destruction of a consignment dispatched with insurance or for a surcharge, the amount of compensation will be as follows: The value indicated by the sender on the waybill. The sum of compensation payable in the event of the damage or deficiency of a consignment dispatched with insurance shall be proportionate to the rate of deficiency or damage, but not exceeding the value limit of insurance coverage.

5.3. If a consignment is lost, destroyed, damaged or becomes deficient, the Sender shall also be entitled to a refund of the service charge.

5.4. With regard to compensation matters, Senders should contact the Customer Service on the following numbers:

Telephone: +36-30 559 6108 or +45 42 50 51 05 E-mail:

5. 5. Deadline for asserting claims:

Unless otherwise provided by legislation, all claims must be submitted in writing, within 30 days after the consignment is picked up by the Carrier.

6. Charges for Consignments Taken Back or Returned

The Carrier is entitled to compensation of all associated costs incurred by the Carrier if the Sender takes the consignment back or the consignment is returned for reasons attributable to the Sender’s fault after it has been picked up.

7. Service Charge and Method of Payment

7.1. The Service Provider shall take into account the actual weight of the consignment as the basis for the basic price. If the calculated volumetric weight exceeds the real weight by 20%, the basis of pricing will be the volumetric weight. See Item 1.7.

At picking up the consignment, the Carrier shall confirm whether it conforms to the details indicated on the Waybill. If there are any deviations, the Carrier is entitled to determine another carriage charge.

7.2 The Sender shall reimburse the Carrier against any claims, losses, fines or costs incurred by the Carrier in case the consignment proves unsuitable for acceptance or transportation according to the legislation in force or this GTC. (Particularly regarding the transportation of pets.)

7.3. Charges shall be paid against an invoice in cash or bank transfer upon confirmation of the order. In case of payment in HUF, the charges shall in each case be determined on the basis of the current DKK exchange rate valid on placement of the order.

8. Route

DaniaTransport is entitled to determine the route of transportation at its own discretion or deviate from any pre-determined route, including for purposes of inserting intermediate stops. Arrival times indicated on the website shall serve as information only. The exact time shall be always arranged between the Carrier and the Clients in each case.

9. Governing Law

Any legal disputes arising in connection with these General Terms of Contract shall be settled in accordance with the Civil Law of the European Union and/or that of the given state.

10. Partial invalidity or Unenforceability

If any provision of these General Terms of Contract should prove to be invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity or force of any part of these General Terms of Contract.