Moving the movable!


Moving Parcel & Pallet Special Transport



We offer half-van (7 m3) and full van (14 m3) moving facilities, or smaller orders after individual pricing.

A list of all boxes (labelled) and furniture is required. The total weight cannot exceed 1400 kg.

For international moving we happily take a detour from our regular route, this, however may lead to additional fuel costs.

After the booking is confirmed it may be cancelled for no charge at least 14 days before the actual moving date. Cancellation after this period will result in 50% charge, which is also the advance payment.

The driver is responsible for arranging the goods inside the vehicle and needs help with the loading an unloading.

Moving within Copenhagen:first hour is 300 DKK, each additional hour is only 200.


Parcel and Pallet

Collection of consignments takes place one or two days before the advertised departure date, and they will be delivered within 72 hours.

There is no need for special packaging, as long as it is securely closed and labelled with name and address. We must be informed of fragility and of any other need for special handling.

The transport fee can be paid at either the collection or at the delivery. We prefer cash to avoid the international bank fees.

The client is fully responsible for the content of his/her consignment.

The driver will place a call to the recipient a few hours before arriving to the destination.

Dania Transport doesn't deliver frozen or perishable, flammable or explosive goods, or any goods qualified as illegal. We take – however – everything else.

Price of transporting goods on pallet is individual and determined by the weight and size. Just send us an email with the precise measurements.

Please place your order by completing our booking form.


Special Transport

As our slogan also suggests - unlike others - we will transport almost anything. Should it be boxed or shapeless, small or large - we will find the right way to place it in the vehicle.

A list of a few examples:

  • Fragile electronics

  • Motorbikes and scooters

  • Things bought on the internet

  • Antlers and trophies

  • Home decor and furniture

  • Bicycles and fitness equipment

  • Car parts, tires

  • Musical Instruments

  • Wedding dress

  • Art

  • Tombstone